"We mature with the damage, not with the years."

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"It turns out that unexpected things drain my spoons via a slow-drip leak. The sound of hammering all day as my neighbor’s house is getting a new roof? Sensory spoon leakage. Sitting in one position for too long? Physical activity and sensory spoon leakage. Listening to a radio program while I work? Language spoon leakage. Cursing out the bank’s confusing phone menu? Executive function spoon leakage."


This is a great, very helpful piece about how to imagine, organize, and conserve your spoons (for disabled people who few spoons to start with).

(If you’re completely confused about why so many sick and disabled people talk about “spoons,” check "The Spoon Theory," which explains the metaphor).

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just wanna tell you i’m really proud of you today for waking up.

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"The truth is, there are some days I don’t want to hear the right answers. I already know the right answers, but I’m tired… so very, very tired. And I’m tired of being tired. I’m tired of being so out of control— of not being dependable anymore. I’m tired of having to fight and fight every day in a war I know I can’t ever fully win."

—   Sick and Tired: Empathy, Encouragement, and Practical help for Those Suffering from Chronic Health Problems by Kimberly Rae (via brittieslifeasiknowit)

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if you had to drop out of a class you are not a failure

if you had to take time off school you are not a failure

if you had to leave school for good you are not a failure

your worth is not determined by academia and this goes doubly so for disabled people and others for whom school is set against them

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"Your health, whether physical or mental, comes first."

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i’m so tired of having to chose between my health and everything else.

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Designer Goula Figeura’s Orwell day bed lets you easily shut yourself off from the outside world with its light and noise-cancelling curtains.

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my grandmother said something that’s resonated with me. she said “people don’t understand that when they’re ill, they go to sleep knowing they’ll wake one day soon feeling better. you have go to sleep every night hoping, and it never happens.”

That is a very powerful message. And hard for people without illnesses to comprehend.

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Tuvok explains invisible disabilities in one sentence. 


Tuvok explains invisible disabilities in one sentence. 

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